Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the subscription service program that are not covered below, please don't hesitate to contact the salon on 0420800308 or email

When can I make my first appointment using the subscription?

Your first subscription appointment can be made 6 weeks from registering (unless on a customized plan). Your first direct debit payment will be within 4 weeks of registering. You have the flexibility of selecting the most convenient day of the month for you to have your payment processed.

Does it matter if my appointments aren't 6 weeks apart exactly? 

No. Your subscription package price is worked out on an average 6 week appointment. If your appointments suit better being 5 or 7 weeks apart that is completely fine. The benefit of the subscription plan is to offer convenience of appointment times for you. Please note however, the 6 week subscription programs include a maximum of 9 visits in one 12 month period.

Why would I choose a customized subscription?

For no extra fee’s or charges a customized monthly subscription price can be organized for you if you require appointments more frequently than the quoted 6 weekly option or if your cut and colour appointments are varied each visit. This is a simple process and can be set up in the same amount of time as the pre-set subscription. Simply contact the salon and request a quote.


Can my subscription be cancelled?

Yes – you can cancel your 12 month subscription at any time by emailing Please note 1 months notice is required to cancel a subscription. Any services undertaken following this time period will be charged at the normal salon service menu price.


Can I add to my service while I am in salon 

Yes! There is always the option to add services to your subscription while in salon. Any additional services can be selected from the ‘add on’s’ menu from the service list. Services not set out in the subscription must be paid for on the day of the service.


What if I use 3 sessions and then want a whole new look and go from 'colour me happy' to 'ultimate colour' and the rest of my 6 sessions will all be 'ultimate colour'? Rather than pay the 'add on' price each visit can I change my subscription?

At any point during the twelve months you are able to upgrade your subscription to include foil work or accommodate a new look or style. Please not that you are unable to lower your subscription within a twelve month period.


Is it transferable If I need to go away with work or for holidays and I miss an appointment?  Towards the end of the year I  may have only used 8 appointments. Can I transfer the last remaining appointment to someone else? 

Yes, appointments are transferrable and in this instance can be given to another party. No more than two appointments in one year may be gifted to a family member or friend. Notice must be given in writing by emailing with the name of the person who the appointment is being gifted to.

Will my visits be rolled over if I don't use them all in the 12 months?

All visits must be used within the twelve month period. If however, you do not require your appointments as frequently, please contact the salon for a customized subscription plan. Please note that subscriptions are not available for visits that average more than 8 weeks between visits or the equivalent of 7 visits per year.


Are my direct debits likely to be changed without my consent if prices go up?

No, your subscription price will be set for the full 12 month period. After this time, a new agreement would be signed with your consent. In the case that circumstances outside of our control meant any change to the agreement this will be given in writing to you with the option to cease or continue your subscription.


Will I be able to use my visits to coincide with other promotions? eg makeup class

No, your subscription only covers the services set out in your subscription. Any additional services, events, services from The Facial Studio and retail products cannot be purchased from your lavelle subscription


What happens if I miss a payment?

There is NO dishonor fee set for a missed payment. If however, a payment is missed, an email will be sent to you notifying you of this event. You will have 14 days to transfer any outstanding monies to lavelle hair workroom. If after 14 days, no outstanding monies have been received. Your subscription will cease and any appointments following this will be charged at the normal salon service menu price.


Do you offer a family subscription?

If you require a subscription for multiple people and services please contact lavelle hair workroom and have a customized subscription plan organized for you at no extra charge.


Who is responsible for setting up the direct debit?

The direct debit will be managed by lavelle hair workroom through the payment hub direct debit sytem. All information will be kept confidential within the system and soley used for the purpose of your subscription.