party hairstyles

Party Hair Inspiration


As another year finishes party season begins as does the inevitable questions “what will I wear and how will I do my hair?” Whether you are looking for soft and elegant, or wild and free to push you outside your comfort zone, we’ve round up our favourite party styles for this season.


Long hair party hairstyles


Long hair gives you so many options when it comes to party hairstyles. Whether you like to leave your locks down hanging long and lovely, or up to beat the summer heat, these are our long hair favourites.



Short hair party hairstyles


It’s just not true that you can’t do anything with a short hairstyle! Here are some great options that we love for the festive party season.



Medium length party hairstyles


Medium length hair is the best of both worlds – still able to be put up, but not too hot or heavy to leave down. Here’s what we love in medium length party hair styling.



As you can see, there are a lot of options whatever your hair length. Of course if you want help achieving any of these styles then come in to the salon [link to contact us page] to see us, we’d be happy to help!