What is a hair subscription?

Welcome to a new level of customer care and convenience ........


That's right! Now Available at lavelle hair workroom is SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE.

It's your time, your space, your experience and another way to find time for YOU!

Monthly installments that give you the convenience and freedom of knowing your lovely locks will be at their best all year long.

lavelle hair workroom have become known for their comittment to education and innovation.

This brand new program is no exception!

Here's why .......

Manageable monthly direct debits
No contracts
Exclusive savings 
Just a simple way to prioritise your pampering!

Our new subscription service options are designed to deliver you: 

Regular 6 weekly apppointments = 9 full Cut and Color appointments in 12 months
Continued flexibility of color additions and change
Peace of mind with your appointments ensuring your best asset is always at its best! 

So how do you subscribe and save?
Choose a package below and contact us
to arrange a complimentary consultation and sign on.

It's that simple.

                                                                                SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE           MONTHLY              YEARLY SAVINGS
                                                                                Strength and Shine $62 $108
                                                                                The in-betweener $104 $181
                                                                                Color Me Happy  $130 $230
                                                                                Dimensional Highlights  $150 $260
                                                                                Light shade and shadow $188 $300
                                                                                Blonde Bombshell $192 $320
                                                                                Ultimate Color $215 $380
                                                                                bring back the blowdry $125 weekly blow dries all year long!
52 for the year! save over 50% on your styling!
                                                                                Customized Subscription       request quote  
                                                                                HAIR CARE SUBSCRIPTION    
                                                                                Goldwel x 3 CARE $22  3 Goldwell care products every 8 weeks
                                                                                KMS x 3 Styling $31  3 KMS styling products every 3 months

Not sure which subscription package will be perfect for you? Visit our service menu for full package descriptions or give us a call and we will prescribe the best subscription for your needs! 

Head over to our frequently asked questions page to learn more
or contact us with your questions!


Sophie has her hair done every 7-8 weeks on average at lavelle with a Blonde Bombshell package. Sophie would like her visits to be more frequent. She is unable to re-book her appointments as she is a shift worker and doesn't get her rosters until 2 weeks before her shifts. This means Sophie has been missing out on a 6 week re-book discount. By utilizing our subscription service, Sophie is able to benefit from this offer by having 6 weekly appointments and saves $265 a year! She now has manageable monthly direct debits and books her appintments more frequently on the days that suit her.

Michelle loves her experience at lavelle and religiously has her hair trimmed and treated every 6 weeks. On alternate visits to the salon, Michelle has half a head of foils as well. Michelle has happily subscribed to the Strength and Shine subscription and will 'add-on' services that suit her needs from the service menu when she requires. Allowing her the freedom to choose her color services alongside an easy, manageable payment process.

Sue has her hair cut and colored at lavelle along with her two children and husband. A customised subscription plan was requested for their family to include quarterly cuts for the children and monthly hair cuts for her husband. Her family are now able to make appointments and visit the salon when suitable without having to worry. Sue has found that the monthly debit means the process of keeping everyone organised to have their hair cut and looking their best is streamlined and simple.

Chloe has 4 weekly appointments at lavelle for her haircut and colour process. On every second visit she has an Elumen Colour as well. By utilising the subscription process, Chloe has streamiled her payments to be the same amount each month, making it easier for her to manage her finances while still maintaing the brilliance of her colour and cut!