Set & Forget Program

Set and Forget Payment Program

Set and Forget appointments allow you to have your regular and most preferred appointment times secured during the calendar year while benefiting from;

  • a discount of 10% off all services specified in the program plan page
  • 20 % off any full price retail products purchased in salon

The Set and Forget program can be used by anyone booking appointments in 5,6 or 7 weekly rotations only.

Terms & Conditions

  • The terms and conditions set out below are for reference to the ‘Set and Forget’ program offering at Lavelle Hair Workroom, 2019.
  • All details are to be filled in on the ‘Set and Forget’ plan booking form and returned to Lavelle Hair Workroom as soon as possible for lodging.
  • Lavelle Hair Workroom will attempt to accommodate each date and time specified. If however, we are unable to book any appointments at the requested time we will work with you to find an alternative appointment time and confirm these changes with you at the time of application.
  • Any changes to the applied for dates and times will be emailed to your specified address for confirmation.
  • You will be required to sign this form and return a copy to Lavelle Hair Workroom at your earliest convenience.
  • Changes and cancellations can be made, however, it is important to note that changing individual appointments during the year does forfeit the 10% discount on that individual visit if changes are made within a 48 hour time period of the planned appointment.
  • Appointments exceeding the 7 week mark do not qualify for set and forget benefits. It cannot be used for one off or sporadic spacing of appointments. Please discuss this with Lavelle Hair Workroom if you are requiring a more flexible program and/or alterations to these terms and conditions.
  • A cancellation of appointment due to illness or injury – for the client or stylist/salon – Special consideration will be given to appointments being rescheduled within the 48 hour time period. The salon holds full discretion on granting 10% discounted services on all rescheduled appointments.
  • For your convenience when planning appointments – currently planned individual stylist holidays can be viewed here.
  • During the year, other special offers and discounts may be offered and all terms and conditions to those offers are at full discretion of the salon. No more than one discount or offer are redeemable at any given time.

For further questions or queries and to request a booking form, please contact the salon here.